My Story

I have always been in between sizes. I am the perfect case of a woman who 'plus size' clothes come up too big on, but always feels that my body is completely different of those modelling the petit styles too.
Over the years this became more of a problem for me and I never felt that I could dress like my authentic self. I do believe this also had a phycological impact, although perhaps only recently to my knowledge.
If I didn't feel comfortable, I would feel irritable, yet I always felt that feeling comfortable was a job for oversized hoodies, jogging bottoms or pyjamas, and would rarely feel this way if I had to dress professionally for work, or stylishly for an outing. But if I did go for my usual leggings and hoodie combo of comfort dreams, I would soon feel that pang of anxiety when I caught myself in a shop window that would call that all too familiar voice saying 'why didn't you make more of an effort, what if you bump into an ex!' Needless to say the morning question of what should I wear today, was never an easy one to make. 
Then, in 2020, the world changed. The dining table became the new office, cooking and exercise became a new priority, and I think its safe to say that a capsule wardrobe at the time revolved around 2 pairs of leggings, our favourite tee and that oh so cosy sweatshirt.
As the world gradually started becoming its usual busy self, the morning routine was back, and the usual stress of 'what to wear today' was all too familiar again. For me, a feeling that has clouded many mornings over the years.
This is when it dawned on me that I had spent too much time choosing between looking chic and feeling comfortable.
I started thinking about what a capsule wardrobe looks like. Pieces that could be worn every day making you look and feel good.
I believe bodysuits are an absolute wardrobe essential, but upon lots of research before launching DOM, could never find one that ticked all the boxes of good quality, correct fit or didn't result in me searching half way up my own bottom for the material that had gradually made its way up there. Bodysuits should be supportive but not restrictive, breathable but not see through and giving without losing shape.
So to cut to the chase, my aim was to create key, season-less wardrobe essentials that take you from desk to dinner, can be layered in chillier months, but works perfectly with any bottoms on its own too. I can wholeheartedly say I truly believe this is what we have created, and am extremely proud of the products we have designed. We are not shapewear, as a brand we aren't trying to change your body, we're embracing the one you have.
Sustainability always had to be at the heart of Days of May, creating our bodysuits from recycled and natural fibres seemed like an obvious choice. If you're going to make something, make it right. Just 6 months after launching, we were able to move our entire production process over to the U.K, from Portugal, where we now have all of our garments made in a small factory in London. Not only do we still have a zero waste policy, but the minimal off cuts that do occur, are generated into sports equipment and carpet underlay.
We are able to work closely with our manufacturer - unlike many brands, we know who makes our clothes, the hours they work, and the wages they are paid. We have seen (and eaten) in the Italian café they have in the factory, and know full well that there are no corners cut when it comes to creating quality garments in a sustainable and ethical way. As a brand we have a vision. A vision that will not be compromised, even if it means an easier route. We start as we mean to grow, in a world where our wardrobes do not suffer or cost the earth.
Our packaging speaks for our brand. We have a zero plastic policy which is carried throughout our materials. We always opt for the most eco friendly option, even if it means lower margins. We are a firm believer in supporting small U.K businesses, which is why wherever possible, we will source all our materials from the U.K. (check out our FAQ's for a breakdown on our packaging)
Embracing your body isn't always easy, I'll be honest when I say it's taken me the best part of 30 years to love mine. But with body confidence and comfort should come garments that work with your body and its beautiful form.
Simple sustainable styles. Effortlessly beautiful you.
Harriet - Founder x