What makes a good bodysuit?

What makes a good bodysuit?

We know what makes a good bodysuit. It took us a good few attempts to get where we wanted to be with our beautiful pieces. But what were the errors we found in others when completing our market research, or when we just wore bodysuits before DOM was founded?

Itchy, see through, low quality, colour fading? The list went on.

The bodysuit certainly has made a comeback over the years, and recently trending on social media platforms with people searching for 'viral bodysuits, best bodysuits, bodysuits curvy, comfortable bodysuits and bodysuit outfit' frequently. There are also a lot of bodysuit dupes that seem to be a trend too.

As you may already know, for us, creating bodysuits that feel and look good, is only a small part of the big picture with Days of May. As a brand, where our material comes from and where our pieces are made are equally as important (which unfortunatly isn't the case with all brands)

So what makes a good bodysuit?

Versatility: A good bodysuit is a great wardrobe staple. Any piece that you can create 5 different looks from, is key.

Durable: A bodysuit that will last. Created with love, over time.

Season-less: A good bodysuit can be thrown on with your favourite bottoms on sunnier days and layered on in chillier months. Colours that work throughout the year and styles that work with every summer, or festive holiday.

Ethically Made: When you buy a garment, you're not just buying the physical item, you are investing in the time taken to design the piece, the wage paid to the workers who created the clothes, the packaging the item comes in and the journey your bodysuit has made to get to you. 

Comfortable: Ever had material in unwanted places? yep, us too. We wanted to create a bodysuit comfortable enough to take you from desk through to dinner. We found that making our bodysuits over an inch longer than average combined with our buttery soft material, we had created just that!

High quality: No one wants to see your bra through the material (unless that's what the garment was designed for). We worried about double layering as we didn't want you to feel restricted, but when you find the right material, magic can happen. Our fasteners are also made with cotton snap tape. No plastic here!

Made Locally: Few brands can say they know who makes their garments, let alone spend much time at the factories they are made in. A close relationship means better communication, this is when quality products are created.

When it comes to creating a capsule, timeless wardrobe, making the investment in pieces that will show up for you again in again is key. Remember the 5 styles rule, shop small and remember, investing now is only saving you on repeat purchases in a few months time.


Founder - DOM x


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