Our journey to London | London Manufacturing

Our journey to London | London Manufacturing

Our journey to London:

When I first founded Days of May it was clear that brands who practised sustainable values mainly worked with manufactures in Turkey, Italy & Portugal, which is where our journey begun.

After weeks of trying to contact factories who laid out their sustainable ethos clearly, we found a small manufacturers in Lisbon who met this criteria. Our first loungewear collection was made with them and we worked closely via Zoom to ensure the collection was created how we envisioned it.

However, I knew in my heart I wanted the Days of May pieces made in the U.K. But finding a manufacturer in England was hard work. The MOQ's were very high, some wouldn't work with you unless you were already an established brand, and that was if you even got an initial response.

Months later I found the perfect bespoke production service. After being told no twice due to their current work capacity, I finally managed to get a meeting in with the owner who loved our sustainable ethos and what the brand was about and said they would happily work with us.

Just some of the values our small London manufacturer practise are:

  • They have a zero waste approach when it comes to production - Unusable off-cuts are recycled in to new materials such as insulation, sports equipment filler and carpet underlay.
  • Exceed industry ethical standards with higher wages and world class working conditions.

  • They only work with ethical suppliers.

  • Low MOQs, which mean partnering brands are less likely to end up with deadstock.

  • They use biodegradable and recycled packaging.

  • Exclusively using DHL Go-Green service to do their part in reducing their clients' carbon footprint.

  • Sedex member and SMETA certified 

We work very closely with the the team to ensure we are creating clothing that is supporting the slow fashion industry, made to last and made in a way that is ethical and sustainable. So much love, care and time goes into each of our styles and that is clear when you feel the quality of our garments. 

We want to create a brighter future for the fashion industry, and with our manufacturer we are certainly on our way.

DOM Founder - Harriet x

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